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"The Power of Destiny"

The Palace of Mycenea in Ancient Greece.

Our Hero aided by the Gods returns to Mycenea, to regain his Kingdom from the clutches of his trecherous stepfather and evil mother.

The traitorous queen who disposes of her husband and rules over the land with her conspirator Aegisthus, after banishing her children Orestes and Eiectra.

The real ruler, whose death Orestes must avenge to restore prosperity to the people of Mycenae and power to the house of ATREUS.

Sister of Orestes, imprisoned by her mother in the catacombs below the palace, where Orestes must venture to find the solution to Agamemnon's Puzzle.

Zeus and Apollo - take Orestes to the summit of Mount Panassus and bestow upon him the gifts he will need to succeed in the Labyrinth and assume his rightful place on the throne.

From Zeus:- he receives the silver studded sword given to Ajaxby Hector after the Trojan Wars—alone this weapon has the power to defeat the iIlusionary creatures Orestes will face.
From Apollo:- Orestes is given the seven tears shed by Icarus as he flew towards the sun, these can be left as markers in the catacombs.

Orestes must fulfil I his destiny by trial in the Labyrinth beneath the palace and find the solution to the puzzle, or perish in the attempt.

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